Tips For Brushing Your Teeth

As parents we want to teach our kids how to brush our teeth and have good oral hygiene.  The first thing that we can do is lead by example and show them that we brush and take care of our teeth.  If they see this then they will want to follow.  From there we want to take them to the dentist.  When going to gentle dental pico rivera you can make an appointment with a dentist to get a checkup and a cleaning.

Once these basics are done, we will want to learn how to take care of our teeth the best way that we can.  The first thing to do is brush after every meal.  So, when we finish breakfast send the kids off to brush their teeth.  After lunch, repeat the process and after a snack the same thing.  It is after these brushing sessions habits will begin to form.  Over time, they will be done subconsciously and out of habit.

Watch what you eat

The next line of defense is to watch what you eat.  When we eat and drink foods high in sugars and artificial colors and additives, they will start to attack our teeth and stain them.  These stains will begin to dull and yellow our teeth.  If this happens, we will need to use over the counter products that will whiten our teeth, or we will need to go and consult a dentist to do it for us.  The best line of defense is to watch what you eat in the first place.

Teach brushing songs

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Another thing that you can do is make brushing into a game.  You can do this by having contests, singing songs and more.  When we tach kids singing songs, we are also teaching them brushing techniques such as the lengths of brushing and how to jump from one brushing style to another.