Train Travel Tips

Traveling the country can be a fun and enjoyable experience.  One of the more interesting ways to travel is by train.  When visiting a train station be sure to enjoy the railroad yard air systems as you wait for your train to arrive.  Before you start your trip however, here are some tips and tricks that you can follow to ensure your ride is a comfortable one.

Pack snacks

When traveling by train you will want to bring along with you snacks, water and anything else you might need for your trip.  Most trains won’t have a bar car or other kitchen.  This is why you will want to make sure that you have everything that you want to eat or drink for the duration of your trip.

Dress comfortably

You will be sitting in your seat for the majority of your trip.  As such, you want to be comfortable.  You want to wear comfortable shoes, take a jacket and a small bag with a change of clothes. 


One thing that most people won’t think of is bringing their own toiletries.  This will be wipes, toilet paper, mouth wash, toothbrush and other items that you can use for your personal hygiene.  As you travel you will find yourself in strange public facilities.  Having what you use personally with you at all times will release some of the stress of not having what you need when it is needed the most.

Look for discounts and packages

railroad yard air systems

Before booking your trip take the time to look for deals on fares and complete packages.  Different train companies will offer different deals throughout the year.  Also, if you are going to have an extended trip on the train you will want to really see what you are going to be in for.  Taking the wrong train or not knowing how things work on a cross country trip can quickly make it an miserable experience.